Schedule calendar of exhibitions&fairs for 2017

“Khabarovsk International Fair” LLC

Post address: P.O.Box 1, Khabarovsk city-center, 680000

Exhibitions management office: tel./fax: +7 (4212) 56-76-14, 56-68-82, 57-40-43, e-mail: fair@khabexpo.ru 

Community fair “VERNAL”

March 2 - 5
Indoor track

“DalPishcheProm” – 2017” (Far East Food Industry – 2017) - the XXI specialized exhibition for food products, for drinks and raw materials for their production. Retail and technology equipment, logistics, modern packing solutions. Quality control, food safety research methods. Restaurant and hotel business.  Healthy diet. Eco-nutrition.

“Spring gift” - gifts, souvenirs, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics. Clothes. Home textiles, shoes, head wear.

“Travel packages Fair” Project - tour operators and tourist routes.
“Home. Family. Traditions” Project – social development and insurance, children’s rights, family values, employment challenges. Health-improving methods and active leisure.

“Cottage. Country house – 2017” – specialized exhibition for designing, construction and im-provements for cottages, country houses, summer homes, greenhouses, garages.  Real estate market. Houses, banyas and saunas construction technologies. Swimming pools, fireplaces, stoves. Building materials. Landscape architecture, phyto-design, and floristry.

“6 hundred square meters – summer cottage season” Project – garden and farm solutions. Ag-ricultural products. Seeds, young plants, soil, fertilizers, garden gear.

Exhibition Forum “TECHNO-SUMMER 2017” 

June 1-4
Competition hall “EROFEY”

“Architecture, construction industry of the Far East region – 2017”. “City. Ecology” - the XXI specialized exhibition for designing, construction, reconstructions, building technologies, ma-chinery, materials and tools for construction industry.
To be led jointly with the XXI Far-East festival of architecture works, projects and constructions “DV Zodchestvo – 2017” (Far-East Architecture-2017).

“TECHNODREV Dalniy Vostok – 2017” (Techno-wood Far East -2017) – the XI international specialized exhibition for technologies, machinery, equipment and tools for forestry, timber har-vesting, wood processing and furniture industry. Timber housing. Forest resources protection and replenishment technologies.
“TRANSLES” Project – forest transport, forest and specialized machinery.

“DalExpoMEBEL – 2017. Fittings. Interior” – the XVI specialized exhibition for furniture and for materials, fittings and accessories for its production. Project conception engineering and design technologies. Exterior finish materials. Light and textile in the interior. Interior and design decora-tive elements.

“Energy of the Far East region – 2017. Energy-saving” – the XVI specialized exhibition. Ener-gy saving. Electrical equipment. Electrical engineering. Light engineering. Oil&Gas Complex. En-ergy safety and ecology. Alternative energy sources. Energy audit. Heat, gas and water supply. Residential areas improvements. Innovations in FEC and HCS.

“Automation. Safety. Communication - 2017” – the VIII multi-sectoral exhibition. Automation systems of production. Control and measuring instruments. Integrated security systems for all branches of national economy. All modes of communication. Software. Electronics. Internet. In-teractive technologies.

Exhibition Forum “EXPO DV-2017” 

September 21-24   
Indoor track

“Interregional Priamurskaya trade and industry Fair - 2017» — the XIX universal exhibi-tion and fairy for achievements of the leading industries of the Russian East and Asia-Pacific Region.

“TRANSPORT of DV region”— 2017.  Machines. Service. Transportation” — the XXI specialized exhibition. All types of transport: railway, water, air, auto. Transportation technol-ogies. Mechanical engineering. Roads, bridges and tunnels construction. Infrastructure. Spe-cialized vehicles. Auto-transport: spare parts, accessories, auto-chemicals. Safety and monitor-ing. Auto/moto/cycling/air transport. Tires. Gasoline filling stations and car wash stations equipping. Insurance. Car loans.

“Science. Education. Youth policy” — specialized exhibition of the modern education of all levels, innovation technologies, scientific research and development. Learning services market. Robotic science. Manuals, books, methodical literature.

“World of MEDICINE- 2017. Health and beauty. TourExpoService” – the ХX specialized ex-hibition. Services of healthcare facilities, disease prevention. Medical and laboratory equipment. Pharmacy. Optics. Dentistry. Aesthetic medicine. Equipment and services of fitness centers, beauty salons, medical clinics. All kinds of tourism, sport and leisure. Tour operators and tour agencies. Guided tours. Sanatorium-resort complex. Equipment, rigging, inventory, accessories and outfit for various kinds of sport and leisure. Fitness. Related services. 


December   7 – 10

“New Year’s Gift — 2018.   Severny” — universal fair. New Year’s gifts, souvenirs. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. Carnival costumes. Festive attributes, Christmas decorations and ornaments, set designs. Food and drinks for the festive table. 

December 14 – 17

“New Year’s Gift — 2018.  Uzhny” — universal fair.  New Year’s gifts, souvenirs. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. Carnival costumes. Festive attributes, Christmas decorations and orna-ments, set designs. Food and drinks for the festive table.

December  21 – 24

“New Year’s Gift — 2018.  Indoor Track” — universal fair.  New Year’s gifts, souvenirs. Clothes, cosmetics, jewelry. Carnival costumes. Festive attributes, Christmas decorations and ornaments, set designs. Food and drinks for the festive table.